#2 - The Teardrop Trail

Next ride on July 7th will be a doozy...

17 miles of intense climbs to spectacular lookouts rarely ventured to.

This definitely will be a difficult ride.  "Death March" is an appropriate nomenclature for this route.

If you are scared, (you should be), there will be THREE separate bail-out points which you can choose to easily get back to the start.  Try to challenge yourself and see how many checkpoints you can pass.  In fact, I planned a taco stop at the half way point for those who might feel they can't handle the rest.

We will take our time on this route. Bring water. Be ready for some nifty views. And, remember, nobody gets left behind. Please arrive on time.

Spoiler Route posted HERE.

(UPDATE - # 2 - Thursday, July 07
This Thurs will be a lot of hill climbing. Mostly climbing. Of the 16 miles, only 1/2 a mile is on a fire road. There is no water. Any tire is fine, though I recommend cross-tires for all these rides. I would ride this with any bike that has gears and brakes, but that warning may not stop some of you weirdos. Clip-less is doable. It's all in the neighborhood. It's just a hilly ride tomorrow. Probably might not be the favorite route of the bunch. But it's just a set I've been wanting to get out of my system.

FYI - two weeks from now will be mostly dirt, so prepare accordingly.)


  1. don't chop it! i mean, with 3 bail out points, do you really need to?

  2. I don't think that even I 'kun hannle et'!

  3. bunny, the o.g. route was even longer than what I'm talking about. It was just silly. We'll get there. Still a 3 point ride planned for next week. Skinny tires will be fine. But, I swear, there's one part where you are going to be saying, "fuuck you!" :)

  4. aaah ok that makes sense.

    well, looking forward to it (if i have enough breath in me to say anything, I am sure i will share my love with the world)

  5. For mile 6-7 I would suggest an alternative near Bike Oven.
    Mile 14-15 is just mean
    How come the comments are from 2011?